Sunday, February 5, 2012

yogi_Set Up Time Sheet For Specified Month And Year For Multiple Entries Per Day

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user dooc said:
If someone could help it would be much appreciated. English is not my primary language but i will try to explain as best as i can.
I have found this formula:
=ARRAYFORMULA(IFERROR(MID( TEXT( VALUE( F8 &"-"& F7&"-"&ROW(A13:A33)-12); "yyEEE");3;3)))
basically, i enter month and year (2 for February and 2012), in cells F7 and F8 and it automatically populates from row A13 to row A46 with names of days for that month.
That's my biggest problem, is it possible to change this formula so it is not populating rows continuously ? I need to have name of days for example in cells A13, A17, A21..... .
I suggested the OP try the foolowing formula:
=ArrayFormula(if(mod(row(A13:A46),4)=1,IFERROR(MID( TEXT( VALUE( F8 &"-"& F7&"-"&ROW(A13:A46)-12); "yyEEE");3;3)),""))
However the goal posts seem to have been changed on this SuperBowl Day as noted in OP's update
Hi yogia,
Thank you for your effort it is much appreciated, but i'm sorry to say it is still not what i need. With your formula day names are not continuously populated. I have attached example of what i need, and i have entered names of days where they should be for one week, but i need it to be automatically populated for whole month.
Hope it will be useful to better understand my problem.
Well, let us see if I hit the goal this time in regard to solution to the problem