Tuesday, February 7, 2012

yogi_Pull Data For When Bills Are Due Between Biweekly Pay Periods

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use Xenopule said:
How can I pull data based on day of the month
I'm working on putting my monthly budget into Docs, and I want to do something to this effect:
•Page 1: An overview of what bills are due this pay period (every two weeks)
•Page 2: A list of each bill, how much is due, and the day of the month they're due on
I want to be able to pull the appropriate data from Page 2 to Page 1 given the two weeks between paychecks.
Optimally I'd like it to automatically adjust the two weeks (payday is the 9th, let's say, and it automatically pulls the dates between the 9th and 22nd without me changing any data), but I'm willing to have a dedicated cell that I punch in a new date and it calculates from there (or even two cells to calculate between those two days).
I'll happily expand on any confusion!
following is a solution to the problem: