Sunday, February 26, 2012

yogi_Merge Data From Multiple Columns in Multiple Sheets Into A Summary Sheet

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user ween said:
how to concatenate range of sheet
Here is my spreadsheet
I d like to concatenate spreadsheet (complete or just a range) qs in my exemple for exemple in a certain page i start at row N°7; on another in A1
I don't want to change the order of the sheet but just to copy and paste the results.
I've tried a Yogia formula which is very good just for one column; the following (=ArrayFormula(transpose(split(concatenate(indirect("SH1!A10:A10"&counta(SH1!A10:A10))&char(9),indirect("SH2!A10:A10"&counta(SH1!A10:A10))&char(9),indirect("SH3!A10:A10"&counta(SH3!A10:A10))&char(9),indirect("'RERANGE SH4'!A10:A10"&counta('RERANGE SH4'!A10:A10))&char(9)),char(9))))
But I need not to copy only one column but a range in a certain sheet and another ranger in another sheet but keep in as it was and not mix it!
Please Help
A virtual french desert for the one who find the solution; at least the receipe hihihi
following is a solution to the problem ... using custom written function VMERGE