Wednesday, February 15, 2012

yogi_Compute Needed Sum And Count For Cells That Meet Multiple Criteria On Different Columns

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user Ern said:
How to count the cells that meet the multiple criterion on different columns?
thank you very much yogia!
it worked!
if you don't mind i would like to ask another question,
Name Task Completed (Total) Estimated Time To(Hr) (Total) Complete Actual Time To Complete(Hr)
Andy    2  ?  ?
Billy   2  ?  ?
Charlie 0  ?  ?
Donnie  0  ?  ?
Ellie   0  ?  ?
Task    AssignedTo    TaskStatus    EstimatedTime    ActualTime
Task 1     Andy          Done             8               7
Task 2    Billy          Done             4               4
Task 3    Billy          Done             6               8
Task 4     Andy          Done             1               1
Task 5     Andy         Pending           1
i would like to ask how i'll count the total number of estimated hours of all the task assigned to "andy" and marked "done", and put it in (Total) Estimated Time To(Hr)
for example, andy has a (Total) Estimated Time To(Hr) = 10 and (Total) Complete Actual Time To Complete(Hr) = 9
thank you in advance :D
following is a solution to the problem