Friday, February 3, 2012

yogi_Create List Of Employee And The Related Amount For Each Employee's Individual Sheet

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user beejizzle said:
I have this Summary sheet with names in column A of my workers, each worker has a own Sheet with his name. And it list a amount from a cell in that sheet
If I have the sheets "Summary", "John", "Josh", "Mike" then the column a in summary would be (and column B would have the amount):
John John!B1
Josh Josh!B1
Mike Mike!B1
Now if I add one new sheet is it possible to have it autoadded below "Mike" ? I know I could enter a pre-added value but then I couldnt name the sheets to a specefic name cause I wouldnt know in advance. Can I use sheets GID somehow or do I have to like pre-add like 20 sheets for coming workers and pre-name the sheets to like Worker1 , Worker2 etc?
Hope you understand
following is a solution to the problem