Wednesday, February 29, 2012

yogi_Pick A Set Of Random IDs As Percentage Of IDs Assigned To A Set Of Names

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user statq said:
I want a set of random ids picked against a subset of names, and this random sample should be percentage of the subset.
I want to get a list of random IDs corresponding to Alex, Adam, Steve. This list of random Ids should be 20% of the total number of Id under Alex.
Example : Alex has a total of 6 IDs that he has worked on, now I want a random sample of 20% of that 6 which is around 1, if he is worked on 100 IDs then I want the query to pick up a random sample of 20(20% of 100) IDs that Alex has worked on and 20% of IDs that Adam has worked on and so on.
Right now the following query works to get a list of ransom samples under say Adam alone.
Wanted some suggestions and help. Thanks
following is a solution to the problem