Friday, February 21, 2014

yogi_Extract Single Character Left Of / Left Of x.html At The End Of The URL String

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Google Spreadsheet Split Function
Hi All,

Not really too sure how to do this how do I have a series of URLs in Column A and split that string up to include only the second last part of the string (if it exists). The URL length may be different.

For examples I have a spreadsheet. In Column A there are a series of URLs e.g  Value I want captured = e Value I want captured = a Value I want captured = c Value I want captured = " "

I have tried doing various regex but it's way above me. Have also tried split function but that splits everything

Basically what I want is a spreadsheet where I can input a list of URLs in Column A and then pull a child and parent hierarchy in Column B & Column C (the page f.html being a child or e, the page b.html being a child of a, etc ) to use an organisational chart to graph the hierarchy. 

Is this possible?

in the following solution I have assumed the url string ending with /x.html