Saturday, February 15, 2014

yogi_Compute Row By Row Sum Of 4 Two Digit Numbers With Plus Sign Between Them

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How to force google sheets to treat a form answer as numbers/equations

In one of the form question in a form I'm making the answer can sometimes be an equation, i.e. "30+40+20+20" (which is actually a number of bonuses a person acquired during a certain time) . The thing is, if i use that cell in calculations, it treats 30+40+20+20 as a text (or at least not as numbers) and this produces an error.
Is there a google sheets formula that will change the answer to numbers? I wouldn't want to make people to write each number in different cell in order to sum them up, and changing cell format to number doesn't work.
Or maybe if I ask them to write it in a specific way it will work ?