Wednesday, March 7, 2012

yogi_Sum Up An Item In A Column To Fulfill Multiple Criteria

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user sjchow said:
How to sum total amount in 1 column which needs to fullfill 2 criteria in separate column?
I have been trying to computer the total annual leave consumed by each employee.
Column C= Employee code (example: jeremy lee = jjlee)
Column D = no of days employee applied for. (Number is either 0.5 or 1 represent half or full day)
Column E= Type of Leave (AL= Annual leave...etc)
For example, how do I calculate the total annual leave taken by Jeremy?
I have tried : "=SUM(SUMIF(C:C='sjchow',{0.5,1},E:E="al"))" but it still prompt parse error.
I have tried filter function as well. It did successfully but I can't sum up the whole column amount.
following is a solution to the problem