Wednesday, March 7, 2012

yogi_Sum Up Amount Spent by Category

Yogi Anand, D.Eng, P.E.                Google Spreadsheet          Post  #461

user biggiesmalls said:
Not Sure what function to use or how to set it up
Date      Place        Amount  Sales Tax   Category 
2/22/2012 CCHMC         $6.24              food     
2/22/2012 Costco gas   $65.00              gas 
2/25/2012 Once Upon a  $63.36       3.87   well being
2/25/2012 Serenity      51                 well being 
2/25/2012 mcd            6.72              food
I am looking to sum the dollar amounts in Column C based on whether it is labeled as food ,gas, grocery etc in column E (Category). I want to track my expenses based on what type of expenditure it is. The total is to be reflected in column G. I am guessing from what I am reading that I need to use the sumif function entered as: SUMIF(E4:E11,food,C4:C11). This says error not sure what I am doing wrong. Can someone please help? Thanks.
if you want to sum up only 1 item such as food use
to get all the category items summed by have a look at the following solution to the problem