Wednesday, March 14, 2012

yogi_Find The Maximum Value In A Range And Detrmine The Value In Another Cell Per User Specification

Yogi Anand, D.Eng, P.E.                Google Spreadsheet          Post  #469

user *KC said Finding the Max number and returning outcome from a different cell Hello Below you will see a sample of a spreadsheet I am working with. I am able to find the max number from the row of information, but the outcome I am seeking, is actually the "source" that is in the cell directly before the max number. How can I look up the max number and return the cell listed before it? So the outcome I would hope for in Row 4 would be.......... SA (source 2 from column E) this is because it was the max number of 13640. For Row 5 I am hoping the outcome will be PU (from source 4) Col. C D E F G H I J Source 1 Amt Source 2 Amt Source 3 Amt Source 4 Amt Max Row 4 KO 8431 SA 13640 PU 5462 OK 265 13640 Row 5 MTV 1000 SLP 2000 OK 500 PU 30000 30000
 following is a solution to the problem as I understand it