Sunday, March 25, 2012

yogi_Sort Entries From Form Submittals And Manual entries

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user jebmusic said: 
How to sort spreadsheet form entries AND manual entries 
 thanks in advance for you responses. I use forms to collect, sort and filter data. Sometimes I like to just add the data manually though. When the data is added through a form, it becomes highlighted in grey on the spreadsheet. when it's entered manually, it isn't. Thing is, when I sort, it only sort the entries from the form. I want to be able to enter it both ways and sort them as one. Thanks!
When you enter stuff through a form, the background is grey. What does this indicate? Is there a way to change the formatting on the manually entered cells to have the same properties? BTW just to be clear, I am using the functions: SORT and FILTER. 
Thanks Jason 
When you enter data via a Form the data is logged in a Table in a so called Form Responses sheet. The Table has a gray background and the Table has a whole can be sorted by itself -- if you make manual entries in columns to the left or the right of the Table, you can not sort those together with the Table in the Form Responses sheet. You can however sort the Table along with the manual entries in columns to the left or the right of the Table in a sister (another) sheet using functions such as SORT, and QUERY as shown in the following solution to the problem