Sunday, March 25, 2012

yogi_Highlight Cells That Are The Same

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user Kakarat said: 
How do I highlight cells that are the same 
Hi all. 
How do I highlight cells that have the same value by making use of conditional formatting. I have numbers in B3:G3 which I am comparing to B4:G4. When both of the ranges have for instance the number 6 in them, I would like the cells to be conditionally formatted. 
One can conditionally format a cell in Google spreadsheet for a specified value -- as of this time (anyway) Google spreadsheet does not allow conditional formatting by comparison to value in another cell.
In the following workaround approach I have generalized the solution by creating an intermediary row between the OP specified ranges of B3:G3 and B4:G4 ... so the OP's data is in cells B3:G3 and B5:G5, and I use the cells B4:G4 for comparing values in cells B3:G3 to those in B5:G5 and conditionally format the matching cells in B4:G4