Thursday, March 8, 2012

yogi_Set Up Formula To Tabulate Number Of Correct Responses

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user brainbrst said:
Arrayformula to tabulate number of correct reponses
I have a spreadsheet fed by a form with 20 multiple choice answers. In the last column of the row of each form submission I would like to tabulate the number of correct answers in relation to a second sheet from the same document. Is this possible to do with one formula or do I have to populate another sheet with a tally of each individual correct response and then count those?
so for example
response sheet Correct answer sheet (just 1 row or column with all correct answers. I would prefer column because there are other fields I'd like to include with the answers)
resp1| respr2| resp3|....|total correct aswr1 | aswr2| aswr3
  A  |   B   |   C  |       1 ........... A       C      B
. B  |   B   |   B  |       1
  A  |   B   |   B  |       2
following is a solution to the problem