Wednesday, March 21, 2012

yogi_Search For Entities Within Strings And Extract Associated Cell References

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user mr_white said: 
separate values in a single cell? 
How can I put two separate values into a single cell so that I can filter by either. Specifically, 
C1 Paramount, warner brothers 
D1 Warner brothers 
E1 paramount 
F1 miramax 
G1 Paramount 
So, if I choose it filter by Paramount. It would show, C1, E1 and G1. By Warner Brothers, C1 and D1. The problem I am coming across is it sees "Paramount, Warner Brothers"as a single value. I would like them to be seen as separate ones. Thanks! 
I had a little play with it
following is a solution to the problem based on what I would like to do
however I have a hunch that this may not be what mr_white is after ... in any event here we go