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yogi_Set Up To Divide Column A By Column E Present Results To 1 Decimal Place Blank Out Error Results

Yogi Anand, D.Eng, P.E.       Google Spreadsheet    Post  #747   Sep 14, 2012

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Division Array in Google Spreadsheets
Hello everybody.  I'm a moderate user of Google Spreadsheets and am trying to learn more formulas to get a lot more proficient and make my work go quicker!
I write in particular about how I can make a divison array (in this particular instance) but this can extend to other calculations.
Basically, I have my spreadsheet information spaced down the rows - it's the office standard for the information I am using - and every month various coloumns need to be divided with each other down the rows.
For example,  The information I have may be:
A1 ---- 1720             E1 ---- 218                --->             H1 --- 7,9

A3 ---- 658               E3 ---- 593                --->             H3 --- 1,1

A5 ---- 2433             E5 ---- 1029              --->             H5 --- 2,4
I am aware that to get 1720 divided by 218, one would put in H1......  =A1/E1 and enter.....  and etc etc for plus, minus, multiplication.
But is there a way -- in array form, if I'm using the right terminology --  to do such a formula down through the whole rows and along the coloumns so all is calculated on hitting enter?
Say, that A1 (remember, spaced) goes all the way down to A107 (for example) and E1 to E107, likewise.
Excuse my novice ignorance, but is there a way therefore of dividing all this information like the line in blue, A1 -> A107 divided by E1 -> E107 --  reiterating of course that A3 would divide E3 etc etc etc.
Hope I'm clear, I just want to get my head around how spreadsheets perform this function and I'll be set for greater things!
Thank you in advance for all your help!