Tuesday, September 18, 2012

yogi_Filter Form Responses To Show Only The Most Recent (or Latest) Response Submitted By ID

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UPDATED Jul-24-2013

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Filter form responses to show only the most recent response if data is duplicated
Let's say I want people to fill out a form with their email address and their favorite color (just for example).  So the spreadsheet (the sheet name is 'Form Responses') has column A with the timestamp, column B with the email address and column C with the color.  Let's say I want to display this data on a second sheet using =ARRAYFORMULA('Form Responses'!A:C) 

Let's say someone responds with red but later they want to change their response to blue.  So they respond again.  I don't want to display both of their choices.  I only want to display all the most recent ones on the second sheet.  Is there a way to create such a filter?  It would be fine to display the filtered data further to the right on the second sheet, like in columns D, E, and F.  Any help would be appreciated.

following is a solution to the problem