Wednesday, September 5, 2012

yogi_From A Table of Tasks And Completion Status Compute Percent COMPLTE And NOT COMPLETE

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Code to figure percentage complete

I'm setting up a to-do list and I'd like to have a piece of code in one cell that counts all the cells with a task in them in the task column, say B2;B(however you say infinity). It's also going to need to have some kind of SumIf statement, because it needs to check an adjacent column to see if I've said that "Yes" I have completed the task. I think I could use this code for multiple things, but that's what I need it for at the moment.
To sum it up. I have two adjacent columns with values starting in the second row and I have an open ended number of rows it could contain. I need it to check all of the tasks to see if I have completed them and then in one cell of my choice it will display the percent out of 100 that I've completed. So if I have 10 tasks and I've completed 6, then I'll have the string "Yes" beside the completed task and one cell will display 60%. Also, just for knowledge sake, I'd like to know how to inverse that correctly and be able to say 40% left. Thanks everyone.

following is a solution to the problem