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yogi_Find Conditional Sum Of Costs By Name Based On Entry Y In Column J Of Sheet Requests

Yogi Anand, D.Eng, P.E.      Google Spreadsheet   Post  #771  Sep 21, 2012

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Sum and IF
On one sheet I want to track spending of ocho that is linked to another sheet that has transactions.I want it in a sense where user has a balance and on another sheet thru lookup it takes all transaction that user is in and subtracts the cost and shows current balance.Obstacle is if I have a transaction with sent = n or blank then I dont want it to be counted in spent unless there is a Y.Method im trying is.. if it doesnt have a Y and is blank.. it turns total spent to false , and if I set statement where if it is blank or n to then be 0 .. even if any other transaction has a Y it will keep show total spent as ... 0 I have 1 transaction that is N and another that is Y .
sample data as shown

and other sheet that is tracking what is spent is in requests.
I dont want transaction to use their balance unless it is sent via Y in Sent? column

following is a solution to the problem