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yogi_Pull Data From Sheet1 Ordered By Pending First Then Date Received In Ascending Order

Yogi Anand, D.Eng, P.E.       Google Spreadsheet    Post  #739   Sep 08, 2012

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How to filter dates , like an alarm clock for my job board??
Hi All,
I have a job board spreadsheet for a printing company i work for. I'm trying to create a filter formula that will filter the dates to list the older jobs that have not been finished, by oldest dates to newest (I have a column that will be entered with "finished" or "Pending"). I am so new to formulas, was seeing if i could get a little advice on how to maybe accomplish this.
big thanks ahead of time
here is the link to the spreadsheet:
I would like to filter the data by date received and the status of "pending" so i can see the important jobs that need to be completed by my company first over later received jobs. The "DATE COMPLETED" column would have either pending or a completed date. If it has "PENDING" i would like it to filter those jobs by the Date received (oldest to newest). Any help to accomplish this would be greatly appreciated
following is a solution to the problem