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yogi_Compute Mode Row By Row For Columnar Data Using An Array Formula

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Auto-expansion of formula involving MODE
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Before I ask my question, a preemptive "Thank You" to @ahab, @yogia and many others for your advance in this forum...I've gleaned much.
A survey I've created has the option for responses with values between 0 and 4. There are also possible empty cells. I need to determine the MODE for subsequent calculations, but, skipping "0"s and empty cells in my calculation. I have taken sample data of a number of responses, but would like to auto-expand the summary formula, specifically in relation to determining the MODE (Column AF). I have started with the following solution, but I'm not sure how to continue:
=ArrayFormula( MODE( IF( ((B2:AD2>0)*(B2:AD2<>0)) , B2:AD2) ) )
I have included the subsequent calculations I need to determine for reference (perhaps there is a simpler, more elegant solution that alludes me - highly likely!)
AG = 'Frequency Percentage' is looking for a particular "outlier score", namely '4', and then to establish that response frequency in respect to total responses.
AH = 'Overall Score' first checks for the "outlier score" and if present adds a frequency modifier in decimal form to the '4', else, it sums all values not '0', '4', or blank.
Thanks in advance for any assistance, Ken

following is a solution where in I have used a number of helper columns to prevent the formula from becoming too convoluted

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