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yogi_Compute Elapsed Time Row By Row From A Table Of From To Clock Hours

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Formula may need to be adjusted? Has been working until today
I have been using the same formula and it has been working fine. Today, I'm getting an odd result and the formula has not changed.
The data below are 2 rows of times and a third row of hours and minutes lapsed.
The formula is in col. C but the row numbers change as you go down. The formula below is what is in cell C4.
15:50 - 02:30 should equal 13 hours and 20 minutes but on the sheet it comes out to 1 hour 20 minutes. From typing this out it looks like I can see where the 1:20 result is coming from, but why is it doing that? I need it to show the full 13 hours and 20 minutes.
Any assistance would be helpful. THANKS!
=if(B4*A4,TEXT(B4-A4, "h:mm"),"")  
06:55 17:40 10:45
09:15 18:40 9:25 
10:00 18:30 8:30  
02:30 15:50 1:20 
kimberly's formula is presenting the difference in To and From time in Clock Hours rather than as Elapsed Time. Let us have a look at the solution to the problem as follows


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