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yogi_Sort Swimmers By Their Event Time Delineated In Minutes Seconds And Hundredths Of Seconds In Ascending Order

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How to attach names to the output of sort()
Hello there.
     So basically I have a list of people with race times associated with each. There are many different events and not all swimmers have times for all events. it looks sort of like the following

                        event1      event2       event3
swimmer1        1:00.00      1:55.00      2:05.00
swimmer2        59.50                         2:00.00
swimmer3        1:05.10      1:50.00      1:59.00

using the following formula I figured out how to sort the top 10 times per events into a new list

=sort(filter(C3:C15, C3:C15<=small(C3:C15, min(10, count(C3:C15)))))

all the C's have to be changed for each new event.

anyway my question is how to attach the name of each person to the output of filter/sort so it looks like this:


59.50 swimmer2
1:00.00 swimmer1
1:05.10 swimmer3
I assume that you are showing the times in minutes seconds and hundredths of second ... with that
let us have a look at the