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yogi_From Table All Shows_Status Rearrange Shows By Their Status Or Combination Of Phrases In Status Column

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Yogi Anand, D.Eng, P.E.      ANAND Enterprises LLC -- Rochester Hills MI   May 31, 2013
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How to arrange column alphabetically and move adjacent cells with it
I'm trying to make a spread sheet to keep track of the tv shows I watch. I watch a lot. It throws me for a loop when they switch out fall shows for summer shows. Especially, if they're adding new shows to the roster. Ideally, I'd have the main sheet or at least the main area where I'd list shows currently on the air.
Let's say that the list of shows currently on air is in column 'A'. In column 'B', I'd have a status, such as 'On Air'. Each cell of column 'B' would have a drop down menu and the options would be: on air, on break, or cancelled. I'd like to be able to choose 'On Break' and have it take that show and put it in, say, column 'D'.
Column 'D' is a list of all the shows that are off for the season. Column 'E' would be where I'd put the date they are supposed to come back on the air.
I would keep track of the return dates myself and enter them manually. I'd want the spreadsheet to check the dates, hopefully all them time, but at least everytime I open the spreadsheet and send me an email reminder of any shows coming on in a set period of time, say the next 2 weeks. Also, on or after the day they're back on the air I'd like it to automatically move them to the 'On Air' section in column 'A'.
If I choose that the show is cancelled, I'd like it to move to column 'G' and stay there. It would just be a list of the shows that are off. I could manually delete it or just leave it.
My issue in this question is whether or not it's possible to organize, column 'A' for example and to take the status with it. I don't know that's it's an issue with the scenario I described, but if I had mixed statuses in one column it could concievable move just the show names and not their particular status. It wouldn't matter if I set it up as described, but in future projects I may not and if I want to have this whole thing verticle it'll be an issue now.
That's basically what I want to know. If you have info in column 'A' and info that goes with it in column 'B', can you auto alphabatize column 'A' and have the adjacent cells in column 'B' go with them in what might not be alphabetical order in column 'B'.
Sorry if that is confusing. If you tell me, I can clarify. Also, do you see any other issues with this set-up. If so, let me know. Also, can anyone tell me the code to have the info swap around like I'm talking about? When I choose 'On Break' in column 'B', have it move the show name to column 'D' and make the adjacent cell in column 'E' show 'On Break'? If you don't want to answer here, I'll create a new post with that specific question. Thank for all the help.
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