Saturday, May 11, 2013

yogi_Pull Select Columns From Form Responses Sheet Into BidInfo Sheet And Publish It For Viewing On Web

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Yogi Anand, D.Eng, P.E.      ANAND Enterprises LLC -- Rochester Hills MI   May 11, 2013
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Is it possible to automate the following :
'm using a form where I'm offering items to bid on for a charity.

I can see the bids from each bidder but I'm now getting a request from a few bidders to show the highest bid so they can renew their bid on items they really want.

Can I create a spreadsheet where I have the item number and the highest bid columns ? 
Is it possible that this would be automatically updated to the highest bid ? 

I want to be careful not to show any personal information about the bidders so it would be best to have a separate sheet to avoid any chance of showing this info.

Is there anyone out there who'd be willing to guide me through how to do this ?? 

Thank you !!!!
Thank you Hyde,

I'm going to try and ad a copy here.
I've removed all data linked to personal information.

This is the first stage of the auction with only a few people that know about it..the actual auction will start on the 15th of May. This is a a good time for me to work on it before it gets hectic.
At the moment there are 222 items up for auction so it will get busy next week :-) 

the question:
can I create a separate "public" sheet with the item "column B" and it's highest bid "column D" that bidders will be able to see if they have the highest bid 

as there may be 20 or more people bidding on the same item towards the end of the auction ...  I don't think I can keep up informing people on 222 items unless it's automated. :-(
It's important for the success of the auction if there is this information to encourage them to keep bidding so we can raise more money !!

Thank you soooo much for any help you give !!
let us have a look at the following