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yogi_Count Types Of Breakfast Lunch Dinner Menu Items And Their Corresponding Percentages From Data In Foods Sheet

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Count multiple entries in a single cell
I used 'countif' to count how many times certain words were submitted but it never occurred to me that one person could submit multiple words. Is there any way to count a cell if it contains a word and not just if it's the only word in the cell?

For example, let's say someone submitted "Lorem," "Ipsum," and "Dolor." I want the the three cells that count those words to count that one cell because it contains the word.
Here's a sample spreadsheet
Entries are made on the first sheet and calculated on the second. As you can see, the entries are only counted if there is a single item in the cell. I need to either find a way to count multiple items in a cell or a different way to record the entries.

following is a solution to the problem