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yogi_Conditionally Format B1:D1 When Date In Column A Is TODAY And Columns B:D Houses Off In Any Row

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Conditional formatting - Changing header cell color if two cells in row match criteria
Hi All!

I'm hoping someone can help me with a problem I'm having because it's definitely stumped me.  I consider myself to be pretty proficient with conditional formatting but am struggling trying to figure out how to change a header color based on the values of two cells in a row.  I have Names as headers (Row 1) and Dates in column 1.  The dates would actually be a list of all the dates in a calendar year.  In this example, I've just included a few from August.

What I'd like to do is when the date in column A equals today's date AND the value in the cell in column B for today's date is equal to "OFF", I'd like to have the Name1 header change to a specified color.  Same for Name2, Name3, etc if the value in their respective columns is "Off" and the date is today.  So as an example if today's date was 08/05/18 and the value in column B for that date was "Off" then the Name 1 header would change color.  Kind of like a intersection of the date and name if it's OFF.

I tried using =AND($A2=TODAY(),$B2="Off") in the "Custom Formula" portion of conditional formatting with the range being B1 but that didn't work.  Same with the following ...

=AND($A1:A=TODAY(),B1:B="Off")  as well as other formulas but none seem to work.

Any thoughts?  Or is this even possible using "Custom Formula" in conditional formatting?

Cary K

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