Thursday, August 9, 2018

yogi_Key-in Student First Name In Cell E2 And Pull All Student Information From 'Data' Sheet

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question by: Junnie Chen!topic/docs/law8Pw5wjLw;context-place=forum/docs
VLookup Using Partial Values
I have a list of student names and their information in 'Data' sheet. Separately in 'Inquiry' sheet, I want to pull all information for that particular student once user key in the student name partially in cell E3. Currently I am using the formula below to extract the information but it does not work if I key in the name partially.


I've included the sample sheet here. User would need to key in only partially of the name eg. "Alex" instead of full name "Alex Tan Man Man " and i need the rest of the info to be populated automatically. Kindly advise me how to fix this, many thanks!

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