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yogi_Find Associated District From Given Set of Road/Locality and District Data

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Please Help - Return cell data based on range search


I am very new to this and was hoping someone may be able to help?

I have been trying and failing to come up with a way to search a cell value across a large data set and return the column title of the located cell as the result.

I have tried everything from VLOOKUP/HLOOKUP to INDEX and MATCH, to ARRAYS, but I am completely lost.

I have attached a sheet with an example data set.  It includes a table of district groups and individual road references within those districts.

Essentially, I would like to be able to search by a road reference in a cell (e.g. "ElBrto2") and have the results return the district it is in (e.g. Springfield).  Something like ... SEARCH RANGE FOR ... "ElBrto2" AND RETURN RELEVANT COLUMN HEADER.

I am sure there is a simple way around this, so apologies for asking something so basic.

Any help would be greatly appreciated :)  Thanks!


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