Tuesday, April 16, 2013

yogi_Compute Instances For LATE_IN And LATE_SITTING For Each Team Member From Monthly IN-OUT Roster

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Countif based on time

I am trying to prepare on line attendance tracking system for my company. I have herewith given link to my spreadsheet. Please view it. 

In the monthly Sheet (Apr) I want to have no. of Late comings after (10:15 am but should not count 7 pm out timing )  and late sitting ( After 7 PM) against each staffs. Also I would like to have summary of all these for all the months ( from Jan to Dec) in the roll sheet against each name.

I have done for other factors like no. of leaves, Offs, OD etc. But I am not able count the no.of late comings and late sittings (Column BP to BW). 

The today sheet will show the summary for the day.

Thank you very much for responding my query. 

With Regards, 
M Kailasam
Sorry Yogi, 

I have forgotten to add the link.
Here it is
following is a solution to the problem