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yogi_Pull Results Of A Search From Horizontal Orientation To Vertical Orientation Using TRANSPOSE Function

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Yogi Anand, D.Eng, P.E.      ANAND Enterprises LLC -- Rochester Hills MI    Feb 02, 2013
post by user: Frank Coleman said:(!msg/docs/sOjqaBMhNOI/gMRZTDnj0TwJ)
Searchable database search results transposed - Possible? If so, how?

I'm not sure how to ask what I'm looking for so I've included a diagram. (see attached)

I have a searchable database setup using a spreadsheet saved on "My Drive" through Google Docs. (Window A)
On my website, when someone searches an "entry", the results show up horizontally. (Window B)
Is there a way to make the search results show up vertically? (Window C)

Please note, I don't want to transpose the data in the Google spreadsheet.
I want to make the search results show up transposed.

Thanks for reading. Please help if you can.
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From what I understand from user's description (as we have also discussed by user contacting me outside this forum), it is simply a matter of transposing the results.

Since user is having difficulty making it work for him, I have provided in the following an illustrative solution