Thursday, April 14, 2011

yogi_Splitting and Summing Values in Columns Entered as Text

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mikemillsjr asked:
I work at a Sprint independent location and we maintain a daily "Store Monitoring Report"
In this report we keep track of how many new activations and upgrades each employee processes each day.
There are two columns New Accounts and Upgrades.
Inside of each of these columns we record how many activations and accessories we processed per employee.

For example:

New Accounts Upgrades
Mike 1/1 1/1
Joe 3/2 3/3
John 5/3 4/4

My question is, how can I calculate a column and get it to output the correct totals? New accounts for example should read 9/6 and upgrades should read 8/8.
Pleas help!

In the following solution, entries in columns B and C are Text entries