Tuesday, March 3, 2015

yogi_Rearrange A Table With Multiple Comma Separated Values In Column C Into A Spreadsheet List (dataBase type setup)

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question by weavermedia:
How to split multi-line cell content into separate rows?
I have some rows with multi-line content in one cell like this:

Each line of the multi-line text in the cell is separated by a newline (or line break).

I'd like a script or formula to make duplicates of this row, the number of duplicates would be based on the number of lines of content.

Then I'd like each new row to have just one line of that content. So effectively I'd be splitting the multi-line cell onto separate rows.

The other cells of the row should be duplicated too. In the end I want the same information but each one split onto its own row:

If the use of a line break between lines in the original rows is an issue I can easily change it to be something else, like a comma:
But in the end I'd still be looking for the same result.
Any ideas how I can achieve this?