Sunday, March 1, 2015

yogi_Count Row By Row Sales Via Web And Other (media combined) By Specified Person For Every Month Of Year

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Yogi Anand, D.Eng, P.E.      ANAND Enterprises LLC -- Rochester Hills MI   Mar-01-2015
additional question by Andrea York:
Using VLOOKUP to return a value IF the number matches another value in another column
Yogi, I'm back and hope you can help me again...

Here's the link:

I want to keep track of Buyers - who they are and the quantity they've purchased. Furthermore, it's important to know whether they have purchased from my Web, or other source (eBay, Etsy or Other).

I've entered some sample data, and manually added how I want the data to look.

I hope it can be done.

Thanks, Andrea

I need help with the worksheet titled, Buyers. I want to keep a running total of how many items each buyer is purchasing.

On each of the worksheets titled by the month, I manually enter buyer name (Column B), quantity (Column H), and purchase price, according to the correct column (Columns I-L). I'm not concerned about dollar value, only the quantity. 

For example, in my sample text I added Cinderella's name on the January worksheet in rows 3,4 & 8, and again on the March worksheet in row 4. Cinderella purchased a total of 6 items, but only 5 under the Web column (Column I).

Does that make it more clear?

Here's some more background to help understand my query: I sell items on my website, Etsy, eBay and Other. I would like to keep track of how often a customer is purchasing from me, and even more importantly, I need to track how often a customer purchases from my website. I offer a discount to customers when they purchase 10+ items from my site, not elsewhere.

Here's the link again: