Tuesday, April 17, 2012

yogi_Search For An Entity Name And Its Specified AttriButes

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user Immarquet said:
"If/then" conditional formating" I want to set up an "if/then" parameter. 
I have a list of names and numbers. When I enter a name I want the phone and fax numbers attached to it to appear automatically in the cells next to the name. How do I do this? Thanks in advance for your help! 
Here's a link to the spreadsheet. It contains the name of a bunch of housing associations. Some of the housing associations are managed by the same company with the same phone # and fax #. What I was trying to do was, when I typed the management company in the C column the related phone number and fax number appeared automatically in the D and E columns. Also, how do you make a certain row stay at the top? I know these questions are very simple and appreciate your help
Thank You Yogi 
Now I know how to freeze a row! But what about filtering? What I want is this: let's say I make a new row and add a new housing association. Let's say it's managed by a company that I've already entered in the spreadsheet, like "Argus." This is what I want. When I type "Argus" into the C column box, the corresponding phone and fax number appear automatically in the D and E boxes. Explain how I would do this pls. 
following is a solution to the problem