Tuesday, April 10, 2012

yogi_Pull Stats By Month From A Table Of In And Out Amounts By Date

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user Thomas121 said: 
Where month is X add next column Hi, Hoping someone could help me with a formula. I want to add the figures in one column and total a certain month, so for example: 
date | figure 
1/1/12 | 12 
3/1/12 | 5 
5/2/12 | 19 
7/2/12 | 21 
Jan: 17 
Feb: 40 
Thanks in advance. It's for a basic finance spreadsheet 
Profits 2012 > B2, C2 (down for each month). With B pulling the data for that month in the green column in the other sheet, C pulling the red.
JAN IN: £4.95 
JAN OUT: £17 
FEB IN: £40.16 
FEB OUT: £0 
These figures are the totals for the appropriate month for the appropriate column. ideally it would be adaptable for each year, so only doing 2012 on this table and I will manually adjust it next year. 
following is a solution to the problem