Sunday, November 27, 2011

yogi_Compare Two Columns In A Sheet With Two Other Columns And Mark As 'yes' Or 'no'

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use lakshmid said:
How to compare two columns in excel sheet with other two columns and mark them as "yes" or "no"
I want formula to do this below scenario
There are two lists.
List 1 = Column A + Column B + Column C+ Column D
List 2 = Column F + Column G
List 1
Orange, Cara Cara , 1, 2
Orange, Navel     , 3, 4
Orange, Blood     , 7, 8
List 2
Orange, Cara Cara
Orange, Blood
Now, I want columns A &B to be compared to F &G and post "yes" of the value is present in list 2 and "no" if its not present in column D.
Orange, Cara Cara , 1, 2  yes
Orange, Navel     , 3, 4   no
Orange, Blood     , 7, 8  yes
Please let me know ASAP.

following is one solution to the problem