Sunday, October 30, 2011

yogi_Rearrange Data By A Specific Attribute And Post In Another Sheet

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user 'A Bunny Warrior' said:
Pull Multiple Info from cells to 1 column 
I have a spreed sheet with multiple sheets of information.  I am however only trying to use 2 of them for this.  One of them is for signups and the other is for those signups by class.  The people who sign up do so in a form.  Once they sign up there is a column named "Class" which could contain any of a bunch of different values.  (For example: Cleric or Wizard).  The second sheet is just empty, with the exception of the top row that contains all of the different class types.
What I want to happen is, whenever someone signs up, I want the second spread sheet to pull the information from the 'Class' column of the Signup sheet and place the person's name in a corresponding column in 'Sheet 2'.  So instead of having to jump back and forth from sheet to sheet, I can just see who I have and what class they are all lined up nicely.  
Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Let me see if I have understood correctly in providing the following solution to the problem