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yogi_Pull Multiple MATCH results from one row

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Multiple MATCH results from one row?
Is there a way to use Match to get multiple results on one row?

My data is as follows

Name     Apples     Bananas     Oranges     
Alice          1                 3                   4
Bob           3                 3                  2
Charlie       2                 2                  2

I'd like to put in a formula using VLOOKUP and MATCH to determine the following:

What does [VLOOKUP index] have [MATCH Index] of?
What does Alice have 4 of?
What does Bob have 3 of?
What does Charlie have 2 of?


Alice     Oranges
Bob       Apples      Bananas
Charlie   Apples     Bananas    Oranges

Is there any way to do that?

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