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yogi_Compute Percentage Of Persons Who Got Scores Between Specified Range Of Numbers

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Simple percentage-calculating. (arrayformula?)

Hello, dear friends of higher understanding. 

I actually have two problems, the first one is my real problem, and the other one is explaining the first problem. The title isn't great, I know. 
Okay, so heres the deal, I have a spreadsheet looking like this:

The rows 5-19 each contain the scores for different players on 10 questions (1-10, G:F). 1 row is one player. Simple, right?
Now, here's my problem: I would like to make some simple statictics, like how many of all players (In percentages) get between 0-5 points,  how many get 6-10  points etc on these 10 questions.
So I need to:
1. Add up the points from G:F for each row.
2. Check how many rows that get between 0-5 points, how many that get 6-10 etc.
3. Calculate how many percentages of all players that got between 0-5 etc.

At the moment, I'm using far to many cells for this. It is my belief that this can be done with few cells using arrayformulas or something, I just donät know how to. Does anybody know?

I hope I have made the problem easy to understand.

Have a great morning/day/night!

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