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yogi_Create Top List From Table In A4:B7 With Scores And Names In Descending Order

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Creating a toplist


Good morning/day/evening!

I have a table "score"(A3:B7). In this table, I have the scores of four different people. From this I would like to create a toplist, looking like the one in the picture (A10:B14). 

I need a function that places all the people with the same scores beneath eachother, a.k.a. "John" in B11, "Jessie" in B12 and "Emma" in B13. How should I do?

I have managed to put John in B11 and Abby in B14 by using a combination of index() and large(). The problem I get, however, is that John gets put in B12 and B13 aswell, so, yeah, help?



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