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yogi_Compute Amount By Category By Month

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question by: Marc Zaldivar!topic/docs/sVyYglkxraI;context-place=forum/docs
Trying to set up multiple conditions with SUMIF or DSUM?

I'm have a form that collects payments by different categories.  I'd like to create another sheet that shows sums for each of the categories within a certain date range.

For instance, Sheet1:Column A is Payee.  Sheet1:Column B is Date.  Sheet1:Column C is Amount. Sheet4: Column D is Category (let's say, CatA, CatB, CatC).
On Sheet 2, I'd like to sum any amounts that are between 5/1/2018 and 5/31/2018 in CatA on one row, CatB on another.  

I assume I need nested IF statements or a DSUM, but I keep getting an error. 



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