Saturday, July 12, 2014

yogi_Starting With Date In Cell H1 (or Today by default) Create Subsequent Weekdays In Cells I1 to 1 Skipping Weekends (Saturday and Sunday)

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Rolling Dates On Sheets That Excludes Weekends
Hey everyone,

I have set a function of =NOW() in one cell then =H1+1, H1+2, H1+3 etc... and that provides me my dates and they automatically update.

HOWEVER - is there a way to accomplish this where it can exclude weekend dates and only include weekday dates?

Thank you!

Here is what I'm trying to accomplish, here is my sheet - 

So it's a production schedule, and every night column H will delete itself and the next set of columns will roll into its place. Is there any possible way to make it so that column H deletes itself but does not delete Row #1? Or some way to keep H1 cell from deleting?

Thanks!! Really appreciate your help thus far.