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post by Kent A Wagner
Automagically turn one date format to another on form response sheet
So, I have a problem, forms will only input a date like this, 7/16/2014 from a user submitted field.

for my query to work, I need it to be 2014-07-16.  I can go in and change the format, but the next time a form is filled out, that particular entry give me 7/16/2014 again.  

Any thoughts on a way to automatically force sheets to reformat that whole column?
ere's the link, I have made it editable for now
tomorrow I will have more time to outline some of the things you asked, for now, here is an earlier thread that I tried to delineate what I was trying to accomplish!mydiscussions/docs/rpAFU0u7j7k

Thanks so much for your help!!!!!