Tuesday, July 29, 2014

yogi_Count Row By Row Cumulative Number Of Times Username Appears In Column B

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post by Alan Brito:
Formula to seek repeated values
hi, i want to make a formula to seek repepated values on a single column, and anotate them on another one as a counter.

for example.

on a column, i want to know how many times Each name is repeated, and make another column called "counter" wich contains the total number of the value repetitions, im doing this to count bans. For example:

Column A  Column B (Counter)

asd                           1
asd                           2
dea                           1
ad                             1
asd                           3

is it posible to do that? that a formula automatically detects the number of repetitions and continues adding them?

would be thankfull for an answer