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yogi_Multi Criteria Count Including WeekNum Given A Column of Dates

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COUNTIFS by a specific week of the year
I have a spreadsheet which includes 2 thousand rows of data and several columns one of which is date (column E)

I am successfully performing COUNTIFS on my current data and now want to include an additional criteria to include only rows of data in week 10 of the year. So for example my current query is

=COUNTIFS(C2:C2000, "Yes", D2:D2000, "Green")

I have tried unsuccessfully to include a date range too using WEEKNUM

=COUNTIFS(C2:C2000, "Yes", D2:D2000, "Green", WEEKNUM(E2:D2000,2), 10) [where week 10 is the week range I want to filter by)

Any advice is much appreciated

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