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Rearrange CrossTabbed Data With Open-Ended Number Of Rows And Columns (Sheet1) Into DataBase Style (Sheet2)

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Transforming Data from a Table to a Database structure using Google Sheet

Apologies if this has already been addressed in these forums.  I currently have a cost document that has multiple locations and monthly costs in the below layout.

Site 1$100$150
Site 2$100
Site 3$100
As we are looking to plug in the this data into Google Data Studio I need to transform the data into a structure that will allow it to be better used in Google Data studio as below.  Does anyone know of any code or app that would allow me to achieve this?

Site 1Jan$100
Site 1Feb
Site 1Mar$150
Site 2Jan
Site 2Feb$100
Site 2Mar
Site 3April$100
Site 3May
Site 3June$150
Thanks in advance for you assistance with this.

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