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yogi_Get Daily Currency Prices For A Set Of Specified Date

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How to list currency exchange rates for each day on Google Spreadsheet?
I would like to know if it is possible to get currency exchange rates for each past day on Google Spreadsheets. 

Currently I have the following formula (Column B contains all the dates that had cash flow): =GOOGLEFINANCE("CURRENCY:EURGBP", "price", B13, B13+100, "DAILY")

The drawback with this formula is that even though it starts with the first given date it disregards that some of the dates on my spreadsheet appear more than once or that some of the dates are not in subsequent order and simply lists new exchange rates in a regular order. With that said I want the formula to follow the dates on my spreadsheet. For example if I would have 30/01/2018 a few times in a row in Column B I would like the formula to give the same exchange rate in each row as long as the date remains the same.

I have also tried this formula:
However the spreadsheet is giving an error.

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