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yogi_Autofill By Dragging Down Data From A Four Column Table Into A Single Column

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Getting more out of auto filling an equation?
Hi there! I'm trying to format some text, and I've set up what I thought was a simple enough pattern for the autofill to pick up on but sadly no dice. I've got a column of information that is in a certain order and I'm trying to format it into simple rows. What I've got right now looks like this

Archimedes Glick
Johnta Kamerling
Nicola Tesla

And I'm trying to make it look like this
"Archimedes Glick",31,179.5,"Pilot",

I'm using the CONCATENATE() function to add the punctuation, and my formulas for the cells are
This is what I'm using from left to right, the next row has B10, B11, B12, and B13 respectively. I tried filling this row down and it didn't work as I had hoped, I then input it manually for three rows to see if the pattern would click (previous row# + 4)but the results I got were very hit and miss (currently auto filling another row gives B9, B11, B12, B13 which is the right range of data but starts in the wrong place).

How would I go about either getting autofill to just add 4 to the row entry relative to the cell above it? Or, what other functions could I use to describe the behaviour explicitly?

Thanks for your time!

P.S I'm in a computer class with homework that has some seriously tedious data entry aspects and while its taking me more time to figure out how to do it 'smarter' than doing it manually I'm looking at this as learning opportunity to automate future tedious tasks. I tried to google about this issue but didn't pull anything I could use.

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