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yogi_From A Table Of Names And Birth Dates Pull A List Of Names As Of A Reference Date And There About

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Yogi Anand, D.Eng, P.E.      ANAND Enterprises LLC -- Rochester Hills MI   Nov-01-2014
post by  Rahul00:
How to Show Sort Date range for upcoming few days.
I want to add a Upcoming Birthday Event Sheet to my website ( I heard that i am allowed to display (embedd) particular cells on any webpage)

Here are the conditions i wish to solve.

Suppose A1 to A1000 have a list of names & B1 to B1000 have dates (birth dates)

Names & Birthdays from current date to the upcoming 15 days should be sorted in C1 to C15.

If anyones or more than one's birthday is on current date its name should be displayed in D1 to Dn (n is number of birthdays on that particular day). Here i am guessing that C1:C15 & D1 to Dn will update automatically as they will be given formulas according to dates and date changes everyday.

Actually i want to add iframe or widget to my website which can wish Happy Birthday to the users having birthday on current date and display Birthdays of users for upcoming 15 days. (i have the list of names and birthdays with me).

Here is the sample i am looking for.

Happy Birthday "User1" "User2"

Upcoming Birthdays

Name - Date
Name - Date
Name - Date
Name - Date
Name - Date

these Name - Date should be sorted according to upcoming 15 days from current date.

I tried my best to explain my query, Anyone can help with the formula (function) !!!

Pls do mention the cell address where i can paste the particular fuction. i.e put this function in D1.

Thanks a lot.
Here is the link of spreadsheet. Anyone can VIEW/EDIT, sheet is self-explanatory.